Hamdan Award for Distinction is working at design universal Model for Academic Quality

Hamdan Award for Distinction is working at design universal Model for Academic Quality
21 September 2014

Under sponsoring , H .E Hanif Hassan Ali Minister of Education and chairman of the Board of Trustees Hamd Bin Rashid Al – Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic performance , The Award organize today and tomorrow a meeting including pedagogical experts and responsible from Ministry of Education, Emirates university , Gulf countries and Hamburg university , to recognize their opinions around the proposed Hamdan Model for distinction .

Dr. Khaleefa El – Sewedy as a member of Board of Trustees and the project manager said that the meeting includes elite of pedagogical responsible and experts to discuss the project which allow for the Award specific informational feedings. He emphasized that the Model is based on valuable set for distinction directed to School because it is considered a unit for academic quality and development responsible for preparing future generation and leaders.

So, it has to be a universal Model for academic Distinction specific to Hamdan Award getting its strength from principles and valuable set, trying to spread universally. He added that the Model will concentrate on the foundation performance based on the distinction of the pedagogical foundation and it will fulfill balance between the inputs, processing and the out puts (results). The Model marks divided into these contents in a balanced way reflecting the additional value to the inputs.

According to the criteria , Dr. El – Sewedy pointed out that it is naturally that the criteria will have universal qualifications with proportionate weight , translation applicable to different languages and electronic transferring and able to measure the whole inputs – processes and out puts in a balanced and comprehensive way . The designing process will take into consideration the possibility of benefit from the Award criteria.