The Giftedness Conference kick off in Dubai

The Giftedness Conference kick off in Dubai
13 September 2014

"With the participation of World, regional and local educational expers UAE leadership spares no effort to improve education."Sheikh Hamdna tells Giftedness Conference.

HHSheikhHamdan Bin Rashid Dubai Deputy Ruler and Finance Minister told participants in Asia Pacific Giftedness 2012 during his opening speech.The conference which runs from July 14th to July 18th with the presence of Malaysia first lady Datin Rosmah Mansour, and congregation of education Ministers and officials from Arabic, Gulf and Asian countries. And participation of more than 270 experts from 42 countries around the world.


"topics, themes and expers participating in the conference will constitutes a unique opportunity to enrich the nascent plans of the educatinal systems, evaluated their projects, and qualify their giftedness programs, especially the ones that target students with special needs" Sheikh Hamdan Said.
HH pointed out that the participation and presence of these prominent experts in the conference reflects the common deep believe of the inevitable cooperation, partnership and team spirit in the field of gifted education. And it will have the full support and encouragement from the high organizing committee in order to reach the all gifted hopes, goals, inspirations and anticipated results, not only in Asia Pacific region, but alson in the whole world.


UNESCO-Hamdan Prize winners in Giftedness Conference 2012

The conference hosted all the winners of "UNESCO-Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize for outstanding practice and performance in enhancing the effectiveness of teachers" in the first and second editions, to attend the conference events.

The winners expressed their contentment to attend the conference and the opportunity to meet and share experiences with the Prize winners in the previous editions.

"I would like to thank you on behalf of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra and its Centro de Excelencia para la Investigación y Difusión de la Lectura y Escritura (CEDILE) for inviting us to the conference. It was a great opportunity for us to learn and to share experiences with our colleagues from Pakistan, Venezuela, Nepal, the UAE and the Asia-Pacific Association." Dra. Liliana Montenegro (Dominican Republic)

"On behalf of Book Bank Venezuela, would like to thank you for your kind invitation to Dubai and your excellent Congress.
It was a golden opportunity for us to learn, to share, to meet and exchange experiences with our friends from Pakistan, Nepal, Dominican Republic and UAE. It has been a real pleasure for us, an absolutly wonderful experience, and we hope to keep on touch with you and with all Unesco-Hamdan awardees in the near future." Maria Beatriz Medina (Venezuela)

"I would like to thank you on behalf of the Rato Bangala Foundation for inviting us to the conference it was indeed a good exposure for us to be invited. Rato Bangala Foundation is also organizing a conference in education in April 2013, and will use a lot of the experience gained in Dubai in July.we will definitely be in touch. with all Unesco-Hamdan awardees to get ideas on how to proceed." Dr. Shanta Dixit (Nepal)

"On behalf of my all colleagues, I congratulate you and your team for organizing such a marvelous learning event and thank you all for inviting us to attend this event. It was a great pleasure to attend this Conference." Mr. Tahir Bashir, Ali Institute of Education (Pakistan)