The Best Implemented Project


A scientific or «collective» educational achievement that meets an educational, community or pedagogical need or solves a problem and characterized by originality and leadership in the idea and application.


  • The project shall not be repeated or already broached in the field, hence affecting its originality and leadership, or has previously won a Distinguished Performance Award within or outside the UAE.
  • It is prohibited for more than one entity to take part in the submitted project, as this submitted project shall represent only one entity (a school, educational zone, centralized administration, university, college, division or department).
  • Every University/Department/faculty/school administration/educational zone or centralized administration shall participate with two projects maximum, each separately, according to the allowed numbers for each centralized administration and educational zone.
  • Only one project is to be submitted by a school
  • The project has to have passed the three scientific stages for preparing projects (project planning, project implementation, project and results evaluation).
  •  Enough time has to have passed since project implementation (at least two academic years apart from the year of submitting the project for the Award) so that the results may have shown.
  • The submitted project shall not be affiliated with a ministry, university or other, as regards idea or implementation, hence affecting its idea and its originality and quality.
  • Private schools and universities that have more than one branch are entitled to participate with one project for each of their branches.
  • The attached evidence and documents shall indicate the date of issuance and phone numbers that can be used as reference when needed.
  • The total number of attachments shall not exceed (100) pages, whether paper or electronic.  A page shall have a maximum of two attachments. If the attachments are not clear they will not be taken into account.

How to apply

  • Fill in the nomination application on the official website of the Award
  • Print  nomination application
  • Submit nomination application to the Award Coordinator in the educational zone.