Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance launches its annual program for presentation of best practices in the field of education. This annual tradition is considered an opportunity to share ideas and opinions about application and nomination techniques and certification and winning mechanisms displayed by Hamdan bin Rashid for Distinguished Academic Performance award winners in its previous edition. Throughout the forum, vivid experiences and models that can be copied by the targeted persons are presented, while realizing integration in displaying experiences in different aspects of educational performance.

Best practices Forum aims to:

  • Dissemination and transfer of distinguished knowledge, experience and excellence and deepening the culture of excellence by presenting the best practices in standards of educational performance at the local and Gulf levels and certifying them.
  • Achieving communication and increasing the link between the award and winners, which contributes to their continuity in excellence.
  • Supplement Competitions Department with candidates for various categories via motivting talents to take part in the award.
  • Introduce the categories and criteria through the accompanying directive workshops.