Best Scientific Innovation


It is a product of students which reflects their scientific ideas that crystallized in the form of a device or a proposed model for a particular practical problem, demonstrating a creative attributes of the students.


  • The participants shall be from sixth grade and up to twelfth grade for schools and from the first year till the final year for University.
  • The number of participants in an innovation should not exceed 6 students only and there must be a supervisor for them.
  • The innovators should be from one school, one university or one college.
  • The innovation submitted to the Award should not be repeated; unless it has been substantially improved and developed.
  • The innovation submitted to the Award should be one of those which won prizes in competitions within the U.A.E. or abroad.
  • The innovation submitted to the Award should not be violating law, morals or public order.
  • The innovation submitted should not be within the curriculum of the participating students. 
  • The student nominated for the Award should be the owner of such innovation idea. The student shall be required to sign on the relevant pledge in the nomination application.
  • The recommendation letters are considered to be a requirement for accepting the nomination application.
  • The total number of attachments shall not exceed (100) pages, whether paper or electronic.  A page shall have a maximum of two attachments. If the attachments are not clear they will not be taken into account.

How to apply

  • Fill in the nomination application on the official website of the Award
  • Print  nomination application
  • Submit nomination application to the Award Coordinator in the educational zone.