Distinguished Family


A group of people linked together by ties of marriage or blood, living under the same roof, interacting together according to specific social roles, and maintain a single cultural pattern.


  • Mothers, fathers and children together.
  • Father and children, or mother and children (state clearly the role of each).
  • To talk only three sons (below college) if the number of family members is more, however, the family is to state the names of all children enrolled in public education.
  • The family is entitled to participate in the Award annually, unless they win the Award, then they are not entitled to participate again except after two editions.
  • Nominating a family that represent one educational and school zone, no mater how many the schools of their children are.
  • Recommendation letters are mandatory for acceptance of the nomination application.
  • Total number of attachments shall not exceed 300 pages, whether paper or electronic. Do not attach more than two attachments to a single page. If the attachments are not clear the score will not be considered.

How to apply

  • Fill in the nomination application on the official website of the Award
  • Print  nomination application
  • Submit nomination application to the Award Coordinator in the educational zone.