Distinguished School / School Administration


Every public or private school, applied technology institute or any Literacy and Adult Education Center that lies under the supervision of Ministry of Education and the education councils or any other official bodies within the State and practice the educational process in its various stages.


General Conditions:

  • Participation in the Award shall be in the name of the school and not in the name of the administrative body.
  • The school shall represent one educational stage, no matter how many stages it has.
  • A letter issued by the competent authorities at the Ministry of Education shall be attached, indicating there are no administrative violations for private schools nominated for the Award for the last three years, including the year of participating in the award.
  • The school shall attach a letter of recommendation from the educational zone. The recommendation letter is a condition for accepting the nomination application.
  • The total number of attachments shall not exceed (500) pages only, whether paper or electronic.  A page shall have a maximum of two attachments. If the attachments are not clear they will not be taken into account.

Conditions for nominated schools within the UAE:

  • The school and its Administration, in case of winning, may participate in the Award, two editions after the date of obtaining the award.
  • The «private» schools, which have more than one branch in one name, can participate in the Award with its different branches, separately, provided that to mention the name of the branch.
  • Centers for literacy and adult education shall be entitled to participate in the Award.
  • Model Schools «Al-Sharakah and Al-Ghad schools», private schools, public schools, adult education centers and their administrations shall be competing separately in isolation from the other groups.

Conditions for nominated schools within the Gulf States::

  • The school should be a government (General Education) school under the Ministry of Education in the participating country provided that the school not to be awarded in previous editions.

How to apply

  • Fill in the nomination application on the official website of the Award
  • Print  nomination application
  • Submit nomination application to the Award Coordinator in the educational zone.