Distinguished Student (3-5)


Every student who wants to participate (from grade 3 to grade 5) who is enrolled in accredited schools in the State by official bodies and authorities in:

  • Public education (Government), including public schools, applied technology institutes, technical/ vocational institutes and religious institutes.
  • Private education, including private schools and family owned schools.
  • Rehabilitation centers under the supervision of official government authorities.


  • The nominated student/learner shall still be ongoing study during the current academic year.
  • The Student has to be an academic achiever. His/her total score for each year separately (not the average) shall not be less than 90%, for the past 3 years apart from the nomination year.
  • Students are to enclose their school certificates, and if they are descriptive grading formula,  they are to attach proof            of translating these descriptive grading formulas into grades from school, bearing the school stamp
  • Students are entitled to be nominated for the Award, Distinguished Student Category (3-5) from third till fifth grade.
  • Enclose an electronic photo on a flash memory, high resolution with white background, not scanned in JPG format
  • Enclose 3 recommendation letters from the principal, teacher and parents of the student, as well as two letters from the Center supervisor and teacher for students in adult education centers, to be stamped by the school/education center. Recommendation letters are mandatory for acceptance of the nomination application
  • Passage of two editions from the student's being awarded Distinguished Student apart from the nomination year (e.g. the winner of the 17th edition is entitled to apply in the 20th edition).
  • Total number of attachments shall not exceed 100 pages, whether paper or electronic. Do not attach more than two attachments to a single page. If the attachments are not clear the score will not be considered.

How to apply

  • Fill in the nomination application on the official website of the Award.
  • Print nomination application.
  • Submit nomination application to the Award Coordinator in the educational zone.