Education-supporting Institutions


It is an award presented to community entities within or outside the UAE, whether governmental, semi-governmental or private regardless of the nature of their work. This entity shall have an officially recognized frame from the competent authorities. It shall offer services for the education sector in the UAE, provided that education is not the heart of the work of the participating entity, but the initiative it participates with represents its core work.


  • The participating initiative by the entity shall be addressed to the educational field in the UAE, regardless of the headquarters of the participating entity being within or outside the UAE.
  •  The participating entity shall have official recognition of its entity.
  • The participating entity shall be entitled to participate annually in the Education-Supporting Institutions Award with the same initiative in case they did not win.
  • The nominated entity; which have previously won a prize in this category; shall be entitled to participate in the Award after two editions from the date of winning the Education-Supporting Institutions Award.
  • The entities which have multiple branches shall be entitled to participate annually with one of its branches and with a new initiative that has not been submitted previously.
  • The participating entity shall be required not to submit an initiative that has previously won an educational award in the UAE.
  • A period of two years should have been passed since the implementation of the initiative, apart from the year of applying for the Education-Supporting Institutions Award category.

How to apply

  • Fill in the nomination application on the official website of the Award
  • Print  nomination application
  • Submit nomination application to the person-in-charge at the Award Headquarters.