How to apply

· Application forms may be submitted in two ways:
- Self-nomination: Candidate shall fill in and complete the “Application form” and send it after approval to Hamdan Award HQ in Dubai.
- Recommendation Entity: Recommendation entity shall nominate the candidates through completing the “Application form” and sending the forms after approval to Hamdan Award HQ in Dubai.
· Participation requirement:
- Self-nomination is done through one form only.
- Application form must be written either in Arabic or English languages only.
- Non-eligible applications are not considered.

Selection process:
· Application received before the deadline are reviewed by the Screening panel, who will eliminate non-eligible candidates and transmit accepted applications to the International Jury of the Prize.
· The International Jury meets in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to adjudicate and select the Prize winners.
· Prizes are awarded to the winners in a grand ceremony organized in Dubai on April 2019.

The Application must contain:
· The Application form filled in by the candidate or a recommendation entity (using the approved form)
· Accompanying/Supporting materials (in Arabic or English)
The Application form and Prize bruchure can be downloaded from ISESCO’s website:
or Hamdan Award’s website:

Applications must be sent and postmarked or sent by e-mail ( to Hamdan Award HQ in Dubai before 31 October 2018.