Incubating Schools for gifted students are considered part of the Foundation vision in leading educational performance excellence and caring for the gifted, by giving the gifted students the opportunity to learn in an attractive school environment that responds to their needs, challenges their abilities and develop their talents by teachers that are chosen and trained to deal effectively and efficiently with gifted students in schools selected according to the approved Foundation criteria. Among the 2016 incubating shools are Nokhba Model School, Ibdaa Model School, Jumeirah Model School and Omar Bin Khattab School, where there are classroom especially equipped in those schools for the gifted students. Also, 33 male and female teachers in these schoold were trained on using the Gifted Identification Kit in accordance with the Foundation criteria. The teachers will also be trained on the enrichment programs for gifted students and directive and mentoring programs to promote a culture of talent and creativity at schools, as well as to discover the gifted and give them appropriate care in their environments.