Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance launching its 23rd cycle in exceptional circumstances as the world is facing Coronavirus (COVID-19). The pandemic did not prevent the Foundation from encouraging the educational field in its various categories to participate in the 23rd cycle. And is taking into consideration the adjustments made on the awards categories, participation conditions, and criteria as the following (Assuring that excellence is an ongoing quality that is not subject to emergency conditions or new events):


  1. This circular applies to the following award categories:
  • Distinguished Student Award (3-5) (6-12)
  • Distinguished Student Award – Gulf Countries (10-12)
  • Distinguished Academic Award
  • Distinguished Teacher Award (Local and Gulf Countries)
  • Distinguished Educator Award
  • Distinguished School Award (Local and Gulf Countries)
  • Distinguished Project Award
  • Education Supporting Organizations
  • Best Educational Research (Arab World Level)



  1. Conditions:
  • All documents and attachments will be accepted for the previous three years in addition to the year of application 2020 for all categories.
  • Accepting attachments and documents related to the efforts made by the candidate (in all award categories), including but not limited to developing his skills and capabilities, or disseminating and sharing knowledge with others, research, training courses, and other scientific and social activities using virtual platforms or distance learning.


  1. Additional points for extraordinary achievements:

A new criterion is added with a total of 200 points in addition to the prize criterions total point, and will be given under the following conditions:

  • Presenting an innovative and effective initiative that contributed directly to the continuity of education in light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
  • Attach three evidence only for the initiative, following the specified file size of the Foundation’s electronic system.
  • Evidence should not be repeated in other criterions.


Distinguished Teacher cycle 23 Final Guide


How to apply

  • Local Competitions:
  • The Gulf Competitions:
    • Fill in the nomination application on the official website of the Award
    • Print  nomination application
    • Submit nomination application to the Award Coordinator in the educational zone.