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Gifted Education is one of the major educational priorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The interest in gifted education is relatively new in the UAE, however, there is an essential need for a plan that regulates gifted programs in the UAE.

The National Plan for gifted programs in the UAE developed by Hamdan Educational Award provides a visionary framework for the critical dialogue, action planning and implementation of gifted programs in the coming five years. It is built to form an integrated model based on the latest theories, practices, research and studies in the field of gifted education.

 Believing in the importance of the gifted education, the Hamdan Award, under the directions from His Highness, sought to enrich the Government’s efforts in the field of nurturing gifted individuals by drafting a national plan, Such plan utilizes the latest programs, tools and modern methodologies, all to achieve a quantum leap in the field of nurturing the giftedness. Such efforts will also increase the level of care and support to include all local students across the UAE.


National Plan consists of seven integrated major programs as follows:
1. Identification of gifted students
2. Programs for gifted students
3. development of cadres in the field of the Gifted education
4. awareness and scientific publication in the field of giftedness and creativity.
5. partnerships with institutions involved in the field of giftedness and creativity.
6. Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Giftedness and Creativity.
7. Hamdan schools for the gifted.