The Talent Forum, which is organized annually by Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation since 2014, is one of the most important educational forums in the field of talent cultivation. It aims to disseminate the culture of talent and draw attention to educating, upbringing and sponsoring talents in the State, through the provision and management of scientific and training sessions and workshops in the areas of discovery and identification of talented students in addition to the care programs within and outside the schools and how to plan for the programs of talent cultivation and its preparation and implementation mechanism, in addition to guidance and counseling programs provided by specialized experts from within or from outside the State, in which the latest scientific developments, specialized programs and the methods of activating them are presented.

Target Groups:

  • Administrative bodies of the State schools and the officials in the State institutions.
  • Teachers in public and private schools within the State.
  • Parents of talented and gifted students.
  • Specialists and those interested in sponsoring and caring for talent.